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reprocessed those living here at the bottom of the social ladder will be the last to benefit. nigeria's two main contenders in the presidential election call for calm as people are forced to wait an extra week to vote. on our tale of this is live from london also coming up syria and russia agreed to open humanitarian corridors to encourage displaced people from the rock band refugee camp to return home. u.s. military planes carrying aid for venezuela arrive at the border with colombia president maduro accuses america of war plans. and the vatican expels a former u.s.
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cardinal over historic sexual abuse allegations. i don't bad weather sabotage majestical challenges are being blamed for forcing nigeria's presidential vote to be pushed back a last minute decision to postpone the ballot by one week caught everyone from voters to candidates off god electoral commission says many states simply weren't ready to hold the election and more time was needed to ensure they were free fair and credible i would have to report from the capital abuja. because. this is nigeria smom sport independent electoral commission chairman mahmood york who is facing criticism for most of the last minute valuable sort. he insists the decision was taken to address the many challenges the tom put put put it all the elections. overall assessment is that the elections well planned home will not do it
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in the morning when the mission and yet we are determined that force must form the same time and. in this way no elections we use time. this is very important the public perception of elections we created. the commission hopes the delay would mean that everything will smooth linux but not everyone is convinced we had reports in various places of compromises that have been done in can iran as we then saw members of the independent national electoral commission and because those. highly . they decided to act fast on post one of the election so it is sold as well as was giving up charlie troop are not actually ready to. nigerians have been here before
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both the past two elections postponed one of them for weeks but what nigeria's actually angry about this time around is the shop that were given before the postponement was announced the electoral commission made the announcement just three hours to the time the polling stations were expected to all. voters reacted with a mixture of anger frustration and was initially with some describing the electoral body as a disgrace this is the height of incompetence the contrie past never experienced this that election could be called on the election. asax let's look look look what do you mean to record of immediately this morning we're finding out that yeah the election as record of who does that is very disappointing very servants no one really shone for him as an engineer i think so embarrassed. nigeria's two main political parties the ruling all progressives congress a.p.c.
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and the peoples democratic party p.d.p. swiftly condemned the delay and accused each other of trying to manipulate the. present moment to come an appeal to nigerians to refrain from civil disorder the presidential and parliamentary votes have been is scheduled for saturday twenty third for. governorship state assembly and local government elections will now be held on saturday the ninth of march mohammed at the wall dizzier your nigeria and you expect to rub in new saunders a former u.s. ambassador to nigeria she said the delay could create new challenges for both voters and officials. previous elections two thousand and eleven two thousand and fifteen both those elections were postponed but one was two months out one was a month month this within twenty four hours of people going to the polls i think is the thing that has really kind of hit observers as well as voters quite surprisingly because you would as soon as that logistical challenges that they saw
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those coming and that they could have tried to mitigate this but there are couple of challenges with the postponement in addition to making sure that the materials that have been distributed and secure i think that there will be a lot of people wondering about that and how that's going to be handled the interesting to hear what i next says in their press conference with stakeholders later today but the other thing is that i think the big thing is boehner apathy and there's an economic impact on this postponement that is enormous there is a logistical impact just for voters alone there's no absentee vote in nigeria you have to be in your in your local government effort your polling place a lot of people came from either outside the country or where their place of work to their polling places schools and businesses have been closed to accommodate this voter workers have also been displaced so there's a lot of challenges to maintain intern manage during the course of the week on top
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of possibly additional political rhetoric that wasn't there before. the blame game i'm sure is going to go on through the week because campaigning is now allowed through twenty first i believe so there's a lot of challenges in managing everything so that you do you still end up with free in fear elections at the end of the day after the polls next saturday. syria and russia say they're prepared to open humanitarian corridors to allow people in the rock band refugee camp to return home where the forty thousand refugees live in a camp on syria's border with jordan many people have died there in extremely harsh desert conditions russia's military says two corridors will be opened on the border on tuesday that will give people living in the camp twenty four hours to leave. yes
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vice president mike pence says the eisel caliphate has been decimated and the armed group is down to its last mile of territory in syria is comments come ahead of an expected announcement by president trump on the u.s. military's withdrawal from the war torn country the united states will keep a strong presence in the region we recognize it will not be enough to simply reclaim the territory of the caliphate. as we enter this new phrase the united states will continue to work with all our allies to hunt down the remnants of isis wherever and whenever they reran their ugly head on syria's eastern border with iraq the kurdish led syrian democratic forces are continuing their offensive against i so the area in the eastern region of there is or is the last pocket of syrian territory controlled by the armed group iran has more on the to his syrian border. throughout the day we've heard various different statements from
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a few different sources about what's going on with the other boy whose village they lost on clay of eisel that's now surrounded by the syrian democratic forces the syrian democratic forces themselves have said that they surrounded the village and they are about to announce what they are calling good news soon now that comes hold of the heels of a statement by the u.s. vice president mike pence who said at this very hour the last mile of territory in syria where the black flag of dosh once flew dyce is the arabic acronym that the americans use is being captured also we've heard from the syrian observatory of human rights now they've said that they have heard that the fighters have actually surrendered and that the battle is actually over but we have heard that officially from the syrian democratic forces now on friday the u.s. president donald trump said that he would have good news in the next twenty four hours that the caliphate would have been destroyed completely not schools some
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confusion here within the region the iraqi government says the caliphate was actually destroyed the so-called declared state of isis was actually destroyed in two thousand and seventeen and i saw themselves haven't actually referred to the caliphate since two thousand and seventeen when they lost their territory the u.s. has called on the e.u. to recognize that israel is opposition leader as the country's legitimate president vice president mike pence says it's time for the world to accept the leadership of one point zero one one u.s. military planes carrying more than two hundred tons of aid of arrived at the colombian border president nicolas maduro who has refused to allow aid in from colombia has accused the u.s. of deploying planes. from our part our plans for colombia are for peace and respect i cannot say the same about the government of even two k. who has war plans against venezuela supported by the us empire i am not exaggerating donald trump and u.k.
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in the white house announced war plans from colombia against venezuela. rebels in yemen say they've launched a major attack across the border with saudi arabia the armed group says it's taken a number of saudi mitchell positions south of the city of jazz on it also claims it's captured a large amount of arms south of not sure on its the most significant border fighting to take place since the stockholm agreement aimed at deescalating the fighting season last year a british inquiry has found it's highly likely that u.k. weapons of course significant civilian casualties in the war in yemen the report says british arms exports to saudi arabia violate international humanitarian law and it also says the justification for supplying weapons to the saudi emirate to coalition is flawed or britain has more from london. since the yemen war began in march twenty fifteen s strikes in military operations by the saudi led coalition forces are estimated to have directly killed more than sixty thousand civilians and
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that's not including the tens of thousands more who have died from starvation and disease. britain has licensed nearly seven billion dollars of arms exports to saudi arabia and the coalition nations since the war started and in twenty eighteen the un report alleged that u.k. and u.s. weapons have been used in attacks which may amount to war crimes now this house of lords committee has concluded that u.k. arms exports narrowly contravene humanitarian law and the government should act challenge the apparent violations much more vigorously put the pressure on the stock of agreement and reveal export licenses and tie them up certainly yes. would remain clear closing down to some extent the flow of weapons the government had argued that saudi arabia's own review mechanisms were sufficient but the lords disagreed relying on assurances by saudi arabia and saudi led review processes is not an adequate way of implementing the obligations for
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a risk based assessment they said the government to set that in its licensing of arms sales to saudi arabia it is now really on the right side of international humanitarian law although conclusive evidence is not yet available we assess that it is now really on the wrong side. in twenty seventeen the group campaign against the arms trade tried and failed to have british weapons exports to saudi arabia declared illegal this new law to report has been published just weeks before the campaigners take their case to the appeal court and when you came eight fighter jets are flying over yemen dropping u.k. made bombs but cannot be divorced from the responsibilities of the u.k. government it's time for the government to end its support for this terrible catastrophic war and work towards a peaceful political solution for the moment the u.k. is not yet ready to change policy in a statement saying the key test for the export of items which might be used in the conflict in yemen is whether there is a clear risk that the equipment might be used in the commission of a serious violation of international humanitarian law our current assessment is
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that exports to saudi arabia are consistent with the consolidated e.u. and national arms export licensing criteria this highly critical report from a committee of the u.k. parliament's upper house comes at a critical time in the war in yemen as it approaches its fourth anniversary next month and with western powers increasingly seeking to distance themselves from the conduct of the saudi led coalition and the central message of this report from the lords is that the u.k. government really needs to decide now where its priorities lie paul brennan al-jazeera london still to come on the program india's government gets us backing as the hunt for those responsible for thursday's attack in indian administered kashmir. and the sudanese facebook group that evolved from a dating forum to online activism and it's getting a thumbs down from the government.
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hello there we're seeing quite a few showers over the northern parts of australia but not as many as we should be seeing at this time of year with the monsoon with this at the moment but it really is quite subdued just a couple of more isolated showers dotted about and that's what we're expecting over the next few days have nothing to intense here in between the showers that should be some good spells of sunshine to the south and is really quite warm down in the southeast adelaide at thirty degrees but that will change as we head into monday as the latest system works its way across us and drags down those temperatures or so expect a few outbreaks of rain as that system makes its way across towards the west it will stay warm for us here with perth seeing the temperature around twenty nine or thirty degrees over the next couple of days as we head out towards the east we've got a very distinctive swirl here this is all tropical cycloid this just working its way steadily towards the west it's moving very slowly currently but it will gradually
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speed up as we head through the next few days as it does so it will intensify for a time and that means this region could see some heavy rain now the eye of the storm i don't think it will make landfall but still for some of us in vanuatu and new caledonia we could see some very intense outbreaks of rain but a great deal of wet weather over the northern parts of asia at the moment there just a few bits and pieces of cloud to ten degrees is the maximum in tokyo. rewind returns a can bring your people back to life from start with brand new updates on the best stupid al-jazeera documentaries live i was looking at the close of like and the other student rewind continues with spirit we do stories that have impacts on society i testify in the court of law to make sure that the bad guys behind bars so many people have gone to jail as
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a result of my work we want on al-jazeera. and they're going to monitor top stories. both candidates running for president in nigeria have called on their supporters to stay calm after the vote was postponed by a week president obama due bihari and opposition leader. baca say they're disappointed with the decision commission says is to ensure a free and fair vote. syria and russia say they're prepared to open humanitarian corridors to allow people in the refugee camp to return home more than forty thousand refugees live in the camp on syria's border with jordan. and u.s.
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military planes carrying more than two hundred tons of aid for venezuela have arrived at the colombian border president nicolas maduro has accused the u.s. of deploying warplanes. thousands of people have turned out in iran for the mass funeral of twenty seven revolutionary guard soldiers who were killed in a suicide car bombing earlier this week in iran's sister. province streets in the central city. came to a standstill as people gathered around vehicles continue the coffins of the deceased ahead of him. ron's revolutionary guard has threatened retaliation over the attack you don't like. the sun we will get revenge for the blood of our martyrs on the saudi arabian and emirates governments we ask the president has some rouhani on to head of supreme national security council to keep our hands free as they've promised for coming out retaliatory operations. monday has been declared a holiday in the pakistani capital islamabad had
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a visit by the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond's trip was delayed by twenty four hours but is now set to arrive for today visit starting on sunday security has been stepped up ahead of his arrival with gatherings of five people or more banned while the crown prince is in the country some train services have been suspended and social media sites opposed to the visit have been shut down an army officer has been killed while defusing a bomb in indian administered kashmir is in comes just two days after forty soldiers were killed when a suicide bomber drove into a security convoy in the worst attack in the region in decades for about and money has more. funerals across india the dozens of security forces killed in a suicide bomb attack in indian administered kashmir earlier prime minister narendra modi held a ceremony for the victims before paying its respects to the families on social
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media. thursday adar drove the car packed with explosives into a security convoy on the highway the worst attack in the himalayan region in three decades he was a member of the pakistan based group jaish e mohammad which has claimed responsibility modi says he will give the military freedom to respond in any way it sees fit. so the exchange of arguments across the line of control for instance by using artillery guns and targeting the infrastructure on the stand i camps is one option the other is the use of plants aboard a capability and now here we are talking about where we are why the targets across the border and is there a need to use air power. the move this increased tension between india and pakistan which both claim the entire region the national security adviser's of the united
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states in india john bolton and i. have spoken by phone they say they work together to prevent pakistan from being what they call a safe haven for armed groups. mrs held an all party meeting in new delhi where they passed a resolution condemning the attack and calling for action this is. the country right now is fighting a decisive war and it will reach its final conclusion the sacrifice of our soldiers were not going vain and we are determined to eradicate militancy. pakistan has denied any involvement in the bombing. incident is very sad and we condemn it we are never in favor of killing we are never in favor of violence we will never allow our side to be used for terrorism. as an investigation in indian administered kashmir into how such a large security convoy was attacked once the investigation is concluded
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then only more details can be given as the families come to terms with their loss many are uncertain of whether further escalation could lead to more violence you're about unmanly al-jazeera. the vatican has expelled a form a u.s. cardinal from the roman catholic church over historic sexual abuse allegations theodore mccarrick is the most senior figure to be dismissed from the catholic priesthood in modern times rob reynolds has no theodore mccarrick is the highest ranking catholic clergyman to be punished in connection with sexual abuse that i can announce he has been defrocked completely removed from the priesthood both abuse and its cover up can no longer be tolerated and the different treatment for bishops who have committed a record of up abuse in fact represents a form of clerical that is no longer acceptable mccarrick was accused of sexually
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abusing minors including teenaged altar boys and older seminary students studying for the priesthood if we're talking about accountability for bishops. we're actually doing it it's not talk the talk to we walk and talk. does also a very important signal for auspicious that we are not a loft and all the character who is eighty eight rose from parish priest to bishop of diocese in new jersey and was made a cardinal and archbishop of washington d.c. by pope john paul the second four years complaints about mccarran sexual activities circulated among clergy and parishioners priests in new jersey and new york wrote letters to their bishops and warned vatican officials about mackerras conduct and the parents of children who had been molested and adults who said the cardinal
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abused them as boys also spoke out numerous reports on macare it began emerging publicly in the media indicating high church officials including former pope benedict the sixteenth were aware of the allegations but kept them quiet last year pope francis ordered mccarran to a church facility in rural kansas to pray and make penance in seclusion the decision to remove him from the priesthood is nearly unprecedented church scholars say you have to go back centuries somebody told me to the council of trent that's almost five hundred years ago for a similar situation where the cardinal a former cardinal was laicized so it's a it's a very big decision in the his to it's a landmark decision in the history of the church the action comes as pope francis prepares to preside over a meeting of leaders of all the catholic bishops conferences worldwide called
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specifically to address the sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults in the church rob reynolds al-jazeera washington. life is beginning to return to normal in some parts of the haitian capital after more than a week of protests that turned violent demonstrations have been demanding the resignation of the president blaming him for high inflation and alleged government corruption and euro sent this update from port au prince. were in port of prince where there is a sense of calm that's returning to different parts of the city as you can see people are out and about there is vendors out on the streets selling different products this doesn't mean that tensions are gone this doesn't mean that the discontent is over there are still pockets of unrest in the city where demonstrators continue to call on the resignation of the haitian president for those who have the means some have begun leaving the country for those who don't the discontent continues they continue to voice their concerns their anger over
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widespread poverty over worsening living conditions and over the issue of corruption the united states there are reports that the united states is planning to send food aid to help prevent a humanitarian crisis here in the country given that many people are having a hard time finding access to food finding access to clean water but in the meantime as you can see things are sort of returning back to normal port-au prince once again looking like for the prince but the unrest remains pockets of tension remains and it's unclear still what exactly is going to happen in the coming days. anti-government demonstrations in sudan are about to enter a third month and the movement against president bashir is receiving some unusual support from social media and all female face group facebook group even started as a forum for talking about potential dates is now exposing members of security forces using violence against protesters some of us has met some of the group in concert. security
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force members armed with tear gas or fire arms are used to facing off against peaceful protesters this could be easy part of the job for them. what they're really scared about now is the work of these young. members of a female only facebook that is unmasking violent behavior by sudan a security force the group is known as member chart which started out as a charter for girls about boys but since the start of our government protests in december the forum stopped being the automatic. group it was min the chat was originally just for girls if a girl posted a picture of a boy the other members would say what they know about him so she could judge if he's a good potential partner but now it's pictures of security members that have been posted it's turned into a counter intelligence service to support the revolution began be on it's like an
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f.b.i. now boys used to fear it now they dreaded even more i mean the security people one of them who was recently exposed by the forum invited friends for his graduation but no one turned up there all broke ties with him and other famous case was a female protester who turned out to be an undercover security operative she became an example of public shame. people began to cut security members who were exposed they refused to deal with them. after the successful work of the poor most security members began to cover their faces now they're too afraid to have their identity known one protester on discovering that her brother was a hidden security member has denounced him in public. these girls are part of a mighty army of nearly three hundred thousand female members their leaders are on
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the way they are wanted. here. the state is waging an electronic war on the forum it includes hard software programmers to identify the group members have their mobile phones and invade their privacy previously the government thought the form was a joke now they've taken it seriously. for the protesters seeking the overthrow of the government of the shield that's a national cause has spread its colors and symbols on almost everything they've renamed valentine's day. for lucian. on the occasion of times the who is your lover sooner. or dizzy cottle hundreds of activists staged a mass demonstration at one of the united kingdom's oldest museums in london they're angry at the british museum sponsorship by the oil company b.p. and the colonial history of museum itself three hundred protesters occupy the
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central court under spread a banner showing what they say are b.p.'s links to climate change and the iraq war if you sponsored events at the museum since ninety ninety six. we are stating this creative takeover of that which museum today too cool for the british museum to stop their sponsorship deal with b.p. because we're in the middle of a crime climate crisis which is taking lives and forcing people from their homes so it's completely inappropriate for an oil coal company to be sponsoring. a public museum but also calling for the british museum to engage in a discussion about that colonial parts a lot of the objects in this museum do not belong here and the communities to which they do belong have come to the museum to ask them to be retirement but the museum has an open will engage in any meaningful discussion with these people. is ready french film synonyms has won the top prize at the berlin film festival is ready
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direct another now feed took home the coveted golden bear award for best film the film is about an israeli man who tries to suppress his origins after moving to paris it was based on the kids own experiences of moving abroad and the umbrella of a militancy felt in his homeland. top stories are now jazeera both candidates running for president in nigeria have called on their supporters to stay calm after the vote was postponed by a week president mohammed who bihari and opposition leader who baca say they're disappointed with the decision you know action commission says it was concerned the vote would not be free and fair. overall assessment in the elections when. we look at. all these missions. yet we have
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determined that most of the same type of group are the. this week more elections we decide. this is very important the public perception of elections. and preview of. syria and russia say they're preparing to open humanitarian corridors to allow people in the rock band refugee camp to return home with the forty thousand refugees live in the camp on syria's border with jordan many people have died there in extremely harsh desert conditions russia's military says two corridors will be opened on the border on tuesday the u.s. has called on the e.u. to recognize venezuela's opposition leader as the country's legitimate president vice president mike pence says it's time for the world to accept the leadership of one door being one of us military planes carrying more than two hundred tons of aid have arrived at the colombian border president do or has refused to allow aid in
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from colombia has accused the u.s. of deploying planes. if the rebels in yemen's have launched a major attack across the border with saudi the armed group says it's taken a number of saudi military positions south of the city of jos on it also claims as captured a large amount of arms south i'm not sure on is the most significant border fighting since the stockholm agreement was signed last year the vatican has expelled a former us cardinal from the roman catholic church of a historic sexual abuse allegations theodore mccarrick was found guilty of sexual assault five decades ago eighty eight year old a previously resigned but said he had no recollection of the edge to be use. there's a top stories do stay with us. rewind is up next thanks for much for watching as you see.
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you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. and al-jazeera. hello and welcome again to rewind i'm laura cairo and this series we're revisiting some of the best documentaries on al-jazeera english since we launched more than a decade ago back in twenty thousand the people in power series traveled to west africa to expose the shocking story of how young gone and children were being murdered.


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